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A Good Life Innovations Ltd Company

We supply Colour Changing Interactive Thermochromic, Hydrochromic, Photochromic and Liquid Crystal Inks, coatings and finished items that change colour. Thermochromic temperature sensitive inks can be used in promotional ideas or products e.g. colour changing spoons, colour changing straws, colour change, t-shirts or hot warning labels. We supply smart Inks, smart paint, smart coatings and smart materials, also glow in the dark paint and coatings. Our touch and reveal, rub and reveal, chill and reveal, heat and reveal, using Chameleon inks, paints and coatings, liquid crystal thermometers and stress products. These are widely used by students and teachers for education and in the NHS. Some coatings can be applied in a screen printed or offset format, even in a sprayable form we have perfected, thermochromic paint, or photochromic inks. The amazing technology uses interactive plastics, interactive print, thermographic, powders, pigments, colour changing free flowing powders or Master batch.